Creating unique investment companies

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With 30 years of industrial heritage and 15 years of private equity experience, we are uniquely positioned as a leading investment company

Styrbjørn has a 30 year track record, focused on highly innovative and technologically advanced companies across the Nordic region, comprised of significant industrial and financial achievements.

Styrbjørn is the main shareholder of HitecVision. As Europe’s leading private equity oil and gas firm, HitecVision focuses on cutting-edge industrial orientated companies. Since 2000, it has invested in and established more than 150 companies, with more than 100 exits. HitecVision’s emphasis on innovation, profitability and growth, customer orientation and structural creativity, forms the foundation of Styrbjørn’s core values and firm DNA.

Through our heritage as a technology enabler, we see ourselves as an innovative owner with a hands-on approach to our portfolio investments. This is supported by strong ethical criteria.



We believe in strong entrepreneurship, aimed at helping our portfolio companies reach their goals and ambitions.

Styrbjørn is focused on investments in small to medium size enterprises and start-up businesses, specializing in investments within both conventional and renewable energy sources and real estate.

We are strongly aligned with our portfolio companies to ensure they act professionally, conduct their business with an entrepreneurial spirit, and achieve their full potential.

Engineering investments based on rigorous governance and best practice policies

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Styrbjørn offers unprecedented and exclusive access to global best practices for establishing and managing an investment company. We support stakeholders, owners and management teams in achieving their goals and full potential.

Through our extensive networks and relationships with market leaders in global best practice, Styrbjørn has been vital in establishing Norway as a key player in the international private equity environment.


We build success by combining capital with innovative strategies, and by bringing out the underlying qualities and resources in our portfolio companies.

Our commitment to these values, makes investments excel.

Achieving success through simplicity

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Styrbjørn is at the forefront of understanding the best approach to help companies succeed and sustain a leading position.

Our team builds success by combining capital with innovative strategies. We nurture ideas, stay focused, and exit when market conditions are right. The financial success of our investments is solid proof of the viability of our approach.




We believe that our strong and uncompromised focus on value creation is crucial for the ability to succeed and build competence. Our actions are in accordance with our DNA, and in line with global best practice, good entrepreneurship and social responsibility. The significance of this approach is evidenced by six of our portfolio companies being listed on the Norwegian stock exchange.

Last, but not least. Our team is our biggest asset.

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The team we provide consists of high-calibre specialists. Our people are connected to a global network of experts, who have the values, experience and skills needed to structure the establishment and management of investment companies.

Our people are our biggest asset. When they perform, we succeed. In order to succeed, we have to commit to investments in line with our values. We are dedicated to ensure that our extensive network of investors, investment advisors and legal professionals share the right skills, attitudes and beliefs cemented in Styrbjørn’s DNA.

We pool specialized skills to build dedicated companies for owners and stakeholders. Styrbjørn has the international network and competence to identify and employ high-calibre professionals, with the right mind-set for all organizational levels.

Styrbjørn is located in Stavanger, the hub of oil and gas in Norway, and the country’s largest environment for private equity. We are proud to be an active part of an innovative, dynamic and forerunning region, known for its ability to adapt quickly to changing markets.


Visiting address

Løkkeveien 109, 6th floor

4007 Stavanger, Norway

Post address

Postboks 350 Sentrum

4002 Stavanger, Norway